Pitney Bowes Inc

Industry: Office Equipment

Fortune Rank: 375

Pitney Bowes and its subsidiaries operate in three primary areas: global mailing, enterprise solutions and capital services. For the 6 months ended 6/30/05, revenues rose 13% to $2.68B. Net income rose 10% to $288.6M. Revenues reflect the acquisition of PSI and the favorable impact of foreign exchange. Net income was partially offset by higher operating expenses as a percentage of sales and the inclusion of charitable contribution.

Pitney Bowes Inc. is a provider of global, integrated mail and document management solutions for organizations of all sizes. Pitney Bowes Inc. operates in three segments: Global Mailstream Solutions, Global Enterprise Solutions and Capital Services. Global Mailstream Solutions segment includes worldwide revenue and related expenses from the rental of postage meters and the sale, rental and financing of mailing equipment, including mail finishing and mail creation equipment. Through the Global Enterprise Solutions segment, the Company sells, rents or finances its products. The Capital Services segment consists of financing for non-Pitney Bowes equipment. In December 2004, the Company acquired Groupe MAG, a distributor of finishing equipment used by commercial printers, and production mail equipment, software and service in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. In January 2005, the Company purchased Standard Register's equipment services business.

Pitney Bowes Inc

Pitney Bowes Inc is a Fortune 500 company. In 2010 Pitney Bowes Inc was ranked number 375 on the Fortune 500 list, making it the 375th largest company in the United States when judged by revenue.

Pitney Bowes Inc achieved revenue of $5,569.20 million in 2010 and earned a profit of $423.40 million.

Pitney Bowes Inc' rank improves

The company ranking improved in 2010, moving up the Fortune 500 list to 375th compared to 395th in 2009. This was based on its 2009 revenue of $6,262 million (a change of -1 million compared to 2010) and profits of $420 million (a change of $3 million compared to 2009).

Another point of view

To many investors, profits are more important than the revenue a company earns. If the Fortune 500 was ranked by profits instead of revenue then Pitney Bowes Inc would be ranked 236th rather than 375th due to its profits of $423 in 2010.

Pitney Bowes Inc Revenue* Profit* Fortune Ranking

* US$ Million

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