Southwest Airlines Co.

Industry: Airline

Fortune Rank: 229

For the nine months ended 30 September 2005, Southwest Airlines Company's total operating revenues increased 15% to $5.60B. Net income for the period increased 79% to $462M. Revenues benefited from increased passengers carried and higher average passenger fares. Net income also reflects a better absorption of labor costs and lower maintenance and repair costs and the inclusion of $112M in unrealized gains vs. $16M in losses.

Southwest Airlines Co. (Southwest) is a domestic airline that provides shorthaul, longhaul, high-frequency, point-to-point, low-fare service. During the year ended December 31, 2004, the Company operated 417 Boeing 737 aircraft and provided service to 60 airports in 59 cities in 31 states throughout the United States. Southwest began service to Philadelphia in May 2004, and announced the starting of the service in Pittsburgh in May 2005. During 2004, the Company closed its Dallas, Salt Lake City and Little Rock reservations centers. At December 31, 2004, the Company operated six reservation centers.

Southwest Airlines Co.

Southwest Airlines Co. is a Fortune 500 company. In 2010 Southwest Airlines Co. was ranked number 229 on the Fortune 500 list, making it the 229th largest company in the United States when judged by revenue.

Southwest Airlines Co. achieved revenue of $10,350.00 million in 2010 and earned a profit of $99.00 million.

Southwest Airlines Co.' rank improves

The company ranking improved in 2010, moving up the Fortune 500 list to 229th compared to 246th in 2009. This was based on its 2009 revenue of $11,023 million (a change of -1 million compared to 2010) and profits of $178 million (a change of $-79 million compared to 2009).

Another point of view

To many investors, profits are more important than the revenue a company earns. If the Fortune 500 was ranked by profits instead of revenue then Southwest Airlines Co. would be ranked 358th rather than 229th due to its profits of $99 in 2010.

Southwest Airlines Co. Revenue* Profit* Fortune Ranking

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