Sonic Automotive, Inc

Industry: Speciality Stores

Fortune Rank: 345

Sonic Automotive, Inc. is an automotive retailer that operates 189 dealership franchises at 139 dealership locations, representing 37 different brands of cars & light trucks. It also operates 40 collision repair centers in 15 states. For the 6 months ended 6/30/05, revenues rose 12% to $3.83B. Net income from continuing ops. fell 8% to $48.1M. Results reflect increased consumer spending, offset by higher interest costs.

Sonic Automotive, Inc. is an automotive retailer operating mainly in the United States. As of March 1, 2005, the Company operated 192 dealership franchises, representing 38 different brands of cars and light trucks, at 159 locations and 40 collision repair centers in 15 states. These dealerships provide comprehensive services, including sales of both new and used cars and light trucks; sales of replacement parts; performance of vehicle maintenance; warranty; paint and collision repair services, and arrangement of extended warranty contracts, financing and insurance for the Company's customers. In 2004, 60.7% of Sonic Automotive's revenue was sourced from new vehicle sales; 16.1% was from the sales of used vehicles; 13.9% was from parts, service and collision repair; 6.7% was from sales of wholesale vehicles, and 2.6% was from finance and insurance.

Sonic Automotive, Inc

Sonic Automotive, Inc is a Fortune 500 company. In 2010 Sonic Automotive, Inc was ranked number 345 on the Fortune 500 list, making it the 345th largest company in the United States when judged by revenue.

Sonic Automotive, Inc achieved revenue of $6,349.70 million in 2010 and earned a profit of $31.50 million.

Sonic Automotive, Inc's rank changes

The company's ranking in 2010 was a decline from 2009 when it was ranked 337th on the Fortune 500. The Previous ranking was based on its 2009 revenue of $7,488 million (a change of -1 million compared to 2010) and profits of $-686 million (a change of 718 million compared to 2010).

Another point of view

To many investors, profits are more important than the revenue a company earns. If the Fortune 500 was ranked by profits instead of revenue then Sonic Automotive, Inc would be ranked 390th rather than 345th due to its profits of $32 in 2010.

Sonic Automotive, Inc Revenue* Profit* Fortune Ranking

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