Tenet Healthcare Corp.

Industry: BioTech Healthcare Facilities

Fortune Rank: 253

Tenet Healthcare Corporation operates as a health care services company in the United States. The company, through its subsidiaries, provides healthcare services primarily through the operation of general hospitals and related health care facilities. Its hospitals offer acute care services, operating and recovery rooms, radiology services, respiratory therapy services, clinical laboratories, and pharmacies; intensive care, critical care, and/or coronary care units; physical therapy; and orthopedic, oncology, and outpatient services. The hospitals also offer tertiary care services, such as open-heart surgery, neonatal intensive care, and neuroscience; quaternary care services in areas, such as heart, lung, liver, and kidney transplants; and bone marrow transplants. As of December 31, 2004, it operated 80 general hospitals, with 19,668 licensed beds, serving urban and rural communities in 13 states. Of 80 general hospitals, 64 were owned by its subsidiaries, and 16 were owned by third parties and leased by its subsidiaries. The company also owned or leased various related health care facilities, including 2 rehabilitation hospitals, 1 specialty hospital, 4 nursing facilities, and 85 medical office buildings; and owned or leased physician practices, captive insurance companies, and various ancillary health care businesses, including outpatient surgery centers, occupational and rural health care clinics, and an interest in a health maintenance organization, as of the above date. Tenet Healthcare Corporation is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Tenet Healthcare Corp.

Tenet Healthcare Corp. is a Fortune 500 company. In 2010 Tenet Healthcare Corp. was ranked number 253 on the Fortune 500 list, making it the 253rd largest company in the United States when judged by revenue.

Tenet Healthcare Corp. achieved revenue of $9,215.00 million in 2010 and earned a profit of $187.00 million.

Tenet Healthcare Corp.' rank improves

The company ranking improved in 2010, moving up the Fortune 500 list to 253rd compared to 283rd in 2009. This was based on its 2009 revenue of $9,494 million (a change of 0 million compared to 2010) and profits of $25 million (a change of $162 million compared to 2009).

Another point of view

To many investors, profits are more important than the revenue a company earns. If the Fortune 500 was ranked by profits instead of revenue then Tenet Healthcare Corp. would be ranked 326th rather than 253rd due to its profits of $187 in 2010.

Tenet Healthcare Corp. Revenue* Profit* Fortune Ranking

* US$ Million

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