Hershey Foods Corporation

Industry: Food Processing

Fortune Rank: 395

For the nine months ended 2 October 2005, The Hershey Company's revenues increased 10% to $3.48B. Net income decreased 20% to $335.1M. Revenues reflect a strong organic sales growth and sales contributions from two acquisitions. Net income was offset by higher selling, marketing and administrative expenses, the presence of business realignment charge, higher interest expense and lower gross margins.

The Hershey Company, formerly Hershey Foods Corporation is engaged in the manufacture, distribution and sale of confectionery, snack, refreshment and grocery products. The Company's principal product groups include: confectionery and snack products sold in the form of bar goods, bagged items and boxed items; refreshment products sold in the form of gum and mints, and grocery products in the form of baking ingredients, chocolate drink mixes, peanut butter, dessert toppings and beverages. The Company manufactures confectionery and snack products in a variety of packaged forms and markets them under more than 50 brands. The different packaged forms include various arrangements of the same bar products, such as boxes, trays and bags, as well as a variety of different sizes and weights of the same bar products, such as snack size, standard, king size, large and giant bars. In December 2004, the Company acquired Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation (Mauna Loa).

Hershey Foods Corporation

Hershey Foods Corporation is a Fortune 500 company. In 2010 Hershey Foods Corporation was ranked number 395 on the Fortune 500 list, making it the 395th largest company in the United States when judged by revenue.

Hershey Foods Corporation achieved revenue of $5,298.70 million in 2010 and earned a profit of $436.00 million.

Hershey Foods Corporation' rank improves

The company ranking improved in 2010, moving up the Fortune 500 list to 395th compared to 463rd in 2009. This was based on its 2009 revenue of $5,133 million (a change of 0 million compared to 2010) and profits of $311 million (a change of $125 million compared to 2009).

Another point of view

To many investors, profits are more important than the revenue a company earns. If the Fortune 500 was ranked by profits instead of revenue then Hershey Foods Corporation would be ranked 228th rather than 395th due to its profits of $436 in 2010.

Hershey Foods Corporation Revenue* Profit* Fortune Ranking

* US$ Million

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